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familyWelcome to My Tri Addiction. My name is Marc Vignocchi and am a father of 3 boys, Zach, Ashton, and Levi. I’m also the husband to an amazing woman Aimee.

If you haven’t guessed I love all things triathlon (swim, bike, and run). That’s not to say I have many other loves such as family, Coffee, Reading and a desire to understand how everything functions. I’m an engineer and I’m sure it shows in the way I write.

This blog will chronicle my training and other things fitness and lifestyle related. I enjoy talking about triathlon and inspiring and motivating people to try new things. To make them better.

I would like to say I’ve been a runner or a triathlete for many, many years. But the reality is that I haven’t. When I was little I was very active. A lot like my oldest son. When I was 9 I got very sick from an infection related to my appendix and spent several weeks in the Hospital with surgery and subsequent long recovery. It was a special case that placed me on restrictive physical activity for quite a while. When I began doing sports again it was things like baseball and swimming once I was allowed in the water.

I was always a swimmer for as long as I can remember. This makes swimming the one sport I’ve always been active in. I wasn’t the fastest and my coaches used to tell me, “You’re a decent sprinter who swims with the technique of a distance swimmer”. The problem was I couldn’t build the endurance to swim the long events.

In high school, I was on the swim team and began the sport of rowing. Rowing became my passion and I stopped swimming at the end of high school and concentrated on rowing through 4 years of college. It was a sport that allowed me to really push myself. I continued my love of rowing in San Diego when I volunteered with the local women’s team at ZLAC Rowing. I even ended up as the head masters coach of some of the most wonderful and motivated woman a person can meet.

2009I changed jobs and moved to Texas where I eventually looked in the mirror and made the decision that I needed to do something for my health. I was just about 230 lbs and couldn’t run a half mile. I made a plan and started small increasing my distance over time.

I eventually did time as a minimalist runner (one who wears Vibram 5 fingers) and completed my first Marathon while living overseas in Singapore in 2012.

After returning to Texas I had hopes of becoming a faster runner and managed to injure myself by pulling a calf muscle. Effectively putting a full stop to running until it could heal. This is where triathlons come in. I found I was able to ride my road bike without pain so I entered the BP MS150 in Texas and completed that ride with a lot of great people and my first exposure to Ironman athletes from Team RWB. A few months later a friend suggested we try a sprint race. I agreed and we signed up. That was in 2014.

Since then I have found that all those years of swimming has made me relatively quick in the water, my biking has improved significantly and my running which is still, in my opinion, my weakest sport has had a huge improvement.

My current goals are to run a 3:34 or better Marathon, a half ironman distance 70.3 in 5 hrs or less and to complete my second full Ironman. I want to do this by training smart, staying injury free and racing hard constantly improving. I hope you follow me on this journey and that my posts can helpful to you.


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