After completing Ironman Texas 70.3 I knew I could do better. So, after a lot of thought on what’s changed in my training, I’ve decided to start improving my overall strength. To do this I’m planning on using various cross training methods.

Looking back I was doing a HITT workout every Wednesday up to the Houston Marathon. I did this with TCCR as part of our Wednesday pre-run work out. What changed? Well, Between schedules, races and holidays we all kinda just stopped.

I’m now determined to improve my strength this year. My hope is that this will give me the conditioning I’m missing. For example between Ironman Texas in May of 2016 and Oilman in November my longest ride was during Oilman. That being said it was by far my faster 70.3 bike and total race time. I was doing the HITT training then and tri training regularly on a weekly schedule similar to what I’m currently doing weekly.

I’ve summed up my Cross training into a few easy to do activities.

The first activity is the Beach bodies Insanity series as a good fill in workout. In other words. I’m following the recommended plan for the disks but not necessarily as an everyday workout. I’m using it as my at home workout for days that I can’t get outside due to weather or watching the kids.

Second, I’ve also started up with regular track workouts to help increase my overall speed. This is my new Wednesday morning workout. This works out good for me because this is also the day I’m limited on time and it lets me have a little more control on when I’m done for the morning.

Third, I’ve added in easy and beneficial things such as Jump roping for 5 mins straight with a plan to work up to 10 mins, pull-ups, and dips.

As my last cross training and strength improvement, I’ve also added an app to my phone called Fitbod. I have it set to creates a body weight workout for me. This gives me something I can do when time allows with no extra equipment.

With any luck, this will help me to train smarter and be more flexible with my time by giving me options to build strength in shorter more intense workouts that fit around my current training schedule.