What is the SpyderGrip Universal Fit Pack?

sg-optionsIt’s a small pack that is used to hold your phone and other important items like car keys, ID and money while you work out. I’ve been using this pack for the last several months during my workouts and most recently I wore it during the Houston Marathon, 2 half marathons and Ironman Texas 70.3.

What are the features:

The pack I’ve been using is the SpyderGrip “Black Widow”

Retail price on SpyderGrip.com is $39.99

It’s intended for any active person to use while working out and listening to music or to just hold your things as an alternative to waist and arm bands.

The pack is very light weight and has one main pocket that’s sized to hold any phone currently on the market. The main pocket closes with a velcro flap and on the inside of the main pocket there’s a smaller partition to hold your smaller items like drivers licence and some emergency cash. The straps are soft and fully adjustable to fit just about any body size comfortably. Including my skinny 8 year old son.

After using the SpyderGrip pack for several months here are the things I like about it:

  • houston-marathon-beefNo chafing – Seriously the Houston Marathon is the first marathon where I haven’t experienced a chafing issue caring my phone. I usually have some on my lower back from whatever run belt I was using at the time. The SpyderGrip straps gave me no issues.
  • Easy access – If I get a message or decided to take my phone out for some reason it’s easy to get to by reaching over my shoulder. I also don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking my ID or money out because it has it’s own little pocket with Velcro.
  • Adjustable – When I wear a pack I like it to be tight and snug. I’ve always been that way and this pack is easy to adjust. On the flip side if I use the pack on a time trial bike which I’ve bone for training and racing I can easily make it a little looser to account for the curve in by back. My son is also able to wear it when he runs his own races or goes to friends houses to carry an emergency phone or even his EpiPens.
  • Its easy to put on – I have belts that clip, velcro or you have to step into. This little pack can be grabbed as you run out the door or get out of your car and put on while you go. I don’t have to stop and step into anything and I don’t have to worry about anything being twisted. I just put it on and forget.
  • Headphone use – There are two things to point out here. The pack has little slots in the top flap for a headphone cord. This lets you get rid of the excess cord that I always got stuck on a finger and pulled out of my ear. These days the corded headphones are my backup and I use blue tooth headphones which as you may know is a low power signal and can get interference even through your own body. When I wear the SpyderGrip there is no loss of signal since it places my phone only inches away.
  • No pockets no problem – As a man many of my running shorts have a pocket. I would never really consider placing my phone in these because it bounces off my legs while running or my phone is too large. At the gym I’ll sometimes use my pockets but that’s depends on the exercise. I also have shorts with no pockets at all. When I wear these I have to carry my phone at the gym. So far with the SpyderGrip I’ve been able to wear it and not worry about forgetting my phone at a machine, it getting stepped on etc…
  • snapseedReflective – I train in the early mornings before the sun and most of my time zone is up. So reflective highlights are very important to me and most things these days have them. If your wearing a running belt though it’s often under a shirt and not seen. In these cases reflective detail doesn’t help. The SpyderGrip has several reflective portions that work well and are at a good height for headlights and visibility.
  • Track work – When running with high intensity on the track I can either leave my phone on a bench or put it in a pocket. I often run to the track from a different location as a warm up and always have my phone for music and emergencies. With the SpyderGrip I just keep in on me while running hard. With the straps adjusted properly there’s almost no movement of the pack.
  • Per the new Ironman rules for 2017 that allow you to carry a phone for tracking. The Spydergrip makes this easy to do with the limited pockets on a tri suit.

With anything there is always room for improvement. Here are some of the things that I think can be improved on.

  • img_5425Even though the pack is extremely adjustable when a kid wears it the straps can get maxed out. I’ve recommended the consideration for a kid specific model with a smaller range of adjustment.
  • Consistency in adjustments – Since I’ve been using the back for very different activities I can’t just set and forget the adjustment and going by feel doesn’t always work. So what I’ve done is put little dots on the straps with a Sharpie marker to indicate where I like it for running, biking. So far this solution works great.

To show the pack and how it compares to other options like an arm band or a belt I’ve made this little chart comparing the SpyderGrip so some other popular gear I have.


I’ve come up with some alternative uses for the SpyderGrip that I think go even further to making it a must have item. Especially if you have one pack that can be used for may different activities. Some of these things are:

Traveling – The pack is so low profile that you could keep money or a passport secure under a shirt or jacket when traveling. I used it for this on a recent trip to Korea while out on my training runs.

Emergency Medication – We have a child with a peanut allergy and he’s now at the age where we aren’t with him everywhere he goes. The SpyderGrip pack is perfectly sized to hold 2 EpiPens making it easy for my son to carry them with him and not leave them someplace.

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My son also thinks it looks cool and likes to wear it when he races. This is great for two reasons. He can use a cell phone to track his run and I can see were he is and send him a text for a meetup spot after he finishes a race.

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Run Nutrition – Gels are great… sometimes. Other times you want something with a little more substance. I like to use Honey Stinger Waffles. The only problem with carrying those in my run belt is that they get crushed. Making them impossible to eat on a long run. So even if I still run with my water belt I can slide a few Stinger Waffles into the SpyderGrip and they sit nice and flat on my back where they wont get crushed.

I’ve been very satisfied with my purchase and haven’t used my run belts at all. Not to say they still don’t have a purpose in my training but the SpyderGrip has been very easy and convenient to use.

The team at SpyderGrip.com has set me up with a discount code for anyone to use.

If you use the code: amb10013 at checkout it will save you $10.