It’s the start of a new year and that means it’s also the start of a new IRONMAN race season.

Many of you out there are preparing for your first half or full IRONMAN. I received a recommendation when preparing for my first 140.6 last year at Ironman Texas that I found very helpful. It’s a simple check sheet list and I’ve used my same version of the list for other races. It’s helped me get organised and be able to relax before a race knowing that I made a plan. I prepared for the plan and now all I needed to do was relax and be ready to execute the plan to the best of my ability.

The check sheet is organized by activity and bag. I had 6 bags that I laid out everything for. then took a picture of it and placed it all into the transition bag. Items like my morning breakfast or my on bike nutrition got their own clear baggie labeled “Breakfast” to help consolidate. This way I had a photo and I could see into the bag without taking anything out and know I had everything.



If you read my race report from Ironman Austin 70.3 you will see that I spent most the night before rechecking my gear and reorganizing my transition bags. It was stress I didn’t need and because of it I didn’t get much rest.

Fast forward 2 years to Ironman Texas 70.3 and Ironman Texas I was much more organized and less stressed out. Both races I was still staying in a hotel or relatives houses with my wife and 3 kids making my organization a key part of just getting out the door in the morning.

For everyone who is preparing for their first major race or even your 4th or 5th. I hope this little advice is helpful. How do you organize yourself for a big race?

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