What do you use for workout planning? With Garmin Connect you can program workouts so that your watch or bike computer will keep track of the sets and intervals for you. The first few times you create a workout it’s a little cumbersome but once you figure it out it’s great for interval work, especially if your intervals are at different times and distances.

One big challenge is sharing your workout with friends. With some Garmin models, such as the Edge computer, you can wirelessly transfer the workout and bike route to your bodies who also use the same units. That’s great feature your device has this capability. What about the rest of us?

Well, I stumbled across a way and thought it was significant enough to share. Since figuring this out, my self-coached training group has been able to share the workout plan for our morning bike rides. Unfortunately, the tool I’m about to show you isn’t developed to work with swimming at this time. I hope that is coming soon, or with any luck Garmin will make sharing workouts something you can do easily within Connect. This would make it very easy for coaches to send a workout directly to their athletes.

You’ll need Google Chrome to use this method. Follow the link below to install the Garmin Connect Share extension. A popup window should open with a button to install it.

Garmin Connect Share

Using the tool is very simple. Your options are to “Share a Workout” or “Get a Workout.”

Sending to Someone Else

To share a workout you need to be logged into Garmin Connect and have a running or biking workout created that you would like to share.

Once the workout details are open, click the Garmin Share Workout button located in the top right of your Chrome browser.sharetool

Now click the “Share Workout” button and save the *.json file to your favorite easy to find location.


That’s all you need to do to export a workout. Just so you’re aware, it only copies the steps and duration/distance info. What this means is that if you have a bike set and it has a goal for that step for you to be between 90 and 100 rpm’s for your cadence, that info will not be transferred. Notes on the workout aren’t copied either. Sorry coaches.

Importing a Workout

Importing a *.json file that someone has shared is almost as simple as the exporting process. The file to be imported to Garmin Connect should be saved to your computer someplace easy to locate.

Activate the Garmin Share Workout tool sharetool

Instead of clicking Share Workout (this button will only be visible if you have a workout open on your browser) you will click on “Choose File” at the top left.


Select the file you would like to import from your hard drive and then click “Get Workout.”



That’s it. The tool should have filled in all the details. All you need to do is save it.

You have two options to send the workout to your device. The first is to send it from your computer with a direct connection using your charging cable, or with the newer devices you can use your phone over Bluetooth. Once it’s on the device it will be listed under the training menu.