Do you track your gear usage? Do you know how far you’ve gone on your bike tires and shoes?

There are a few good reasons why you should do this and several app developers have also made this very simple to do.

Tracking your gear usage can tell you some key things about how your equipment is used, its quality and actual lifespan. Did you know that the typical running shoe is designed to last 300-500 miles? These are the reasons I track my gear.

Most of us don’t want to buy shoes that only last a few weeks or long runs compared to our other pairs. Or, Maybe you do as a race only shoe? The only way to really know your usage is to track it. This information can also help you to keep performing well and prevent injury.

This is especially important for triathletes who train for multiple sports. Unlike someone who runs very consistently every week with only one or twp pairs of shoes who may determine they need a new pair of shoes every 3 to 4 months. Kind of like knowing your car tires last about 60K miles. A triathlete may put lots of wear on multiple pairs of shoes over the winter and much less over the summer. Similarly they may do a lot of mileage on a wheel on bike trainer which is much harder on the rear wheel than riding on the road. With multiple sports, shoes, wheels and training cycles tracking helps you as a busy athlete keep it all in line.

There are some apps such as Mapmyrun, Mapmyride, Runtastic, Garmin and others that can be used to track your gear usage.

Garmin Connect online

I use Garmin Connect because the tracking is automatic. It has an assigned set of gear based on the activity selected on my watch or bike computer. For example if I run, the primary running shoes are automatically added to the activity. If I bike, my wheels, tires etc are added. Indoor ride on the trainer. No problem it will automatically apply the mileage to just my rear wheel.


img_5558The app is user friendly because once the gear is put on the list it gets logged. If you use something other than your defaults it can be updated on any single activity in 3-4 taps of the screen on a smart phone. You can even set maximum mileage for the gear which will color code it as you approach the set distance. For example I usually set my shoes at 500 miles a pair. This reminds me to check them for flat tred, tears etc… for replacement. I also have in my history shoes that I stopped using because they were worn at a lower distance keeping me aware of the lifespan of that particular model.

How do you keep track of your equipment usage?