Its that time of year when it starts to get cold outside and it’s so much easier to stay in bed where it’s warm. Not an option. We’ve got several running races on the calendar and a new 70.3 goal to train for.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a temperature to running clothes cross reference using pictures. As it turns out I still goof up the outfit planning and end up with to much on as often as I end up with to little. I think a reference chart could be helpful.


Treadmill run for 30 mins. The schedule called for a recovery run and it was still raining as it had all weekend.


50 min recovery run. This is still in line with the half marathon time trial that I did last Friday a few days early. This was a tough day for getting started and I wasn’t able to keep pace. Because of this I decided to rest the remainder of the day and did not do the second 40 min recovery run on my schedule.



• Run in zone 4, threshold, 15 minutes. Run in zone 2, recovery, 90 seconds.

• Run in zone 4, 10K pace for 1 km. Run in zone 2, recovery, 90 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

• Run in zone 4, threshold, 15 minutes. Run in zone 2, recovery, 90 seconds.

• Cool down, 5-10 minutes.

• Stretch – just noticed I skipped this part. Oops.

There was also prescribed warmup for 10 mins. Since I used the training calendar to load the workout off my Fenix 3 I didn’t get that since it wasn’t included when Garmin created the workout. Since I’d missed that part I gradually built speed to zone 4 over several mins. 


Cross training day – which translates to “get the bike out” to triathletes.



Rest day


40 min of running in zone 2 with a cooldown and stretching. It was cold out so the cool down was mostly to stay warm while heading back to the car.


Long run. 1 hour in zone 2 followed by 30 mins in zone 4.

I wasn’t able to maintain  the zone 4.