Have you ever had a piece of equipment break or stop working?

We’ve all had equipment fail, because, well, we use it and we use it hard.

Have you ever read your warranty card? Most haven’t.

You may be surprised to see what’s covered and in some cases for lifetime. Many times our gear is considered high end and comes with that high end price tag. Don’t write off your gear before checking with the manufacturer. You could save you allot.

Personally I’ve had claims with Life Proof, Garmin, Jaybird and a few others . The brands listed have shown excellent customer service and they fully support their warranty’s with a quick response. Sometimes you need to send the damaged equipment back to them (so they can inspect it and learn from the failure or pay a small handling fee. Maybe $5)

If your like me you own multiple products from the same short list of companies. With that, I encourage everyone irrespective of who made your watch, running light, hydration belt/pack, heart rate monitor etc… to check the support page for your gear before discarding it for a new purchas.

Just to note: Companies such as Garmin for example will list the GPS units under the warranty page as the main products they sell. For other Garmin accessory products you need to e-mail support with a brief description of what you have, whats wrong with it and ask for help. This also will apply for discontinued products that may no longer be listed on the product pages.