I’ve fallen behind on my weekly training reviews. I was listening to the Final Serge podcast and they were interviewing Salty from Saltyrunning.com where they asked her what type of blog posts get the most traffic. Outside of a very important post of how to use the bathroom when one isn’t available (not the title) Salty said it was her contributors training logs which she was surprised to see such a high interest in, but always gets fan mail if they don’t post them. So, I when ahead and check my own stats for page views and sure enough some of my highest view rates are the Week in Review posts. I took another look at the blog posts and realized that I haven’t put one together since the week before Oilman 70.3. Things got away from me.

After Oilman I took a short break of a few days and then jumped into my marathon training plan. I literally hit the ground running. I’m using Garmin marathon level 3 plan with heart rate. It’s been tough but the training plan and mostly sticking to it is really paying off.

For Thanksgiving I ran at the local YMCA Turkey Dash 10k for a new PR time of 43:07. This was a 3:40 improvement. Three days later I did a long run for 2.5 hours and held a pace 8:08/mile. This was a pace I set as a goal figuring I would hold it for about 16 miles and then drop off…Significantly. At the end of the run I was hurting as expected from a 20 mile run. However, to my surprise I was holding strong on my goal pace. Only a 10k away from a new Marathon PR. I’m going to save that for the official race day at the Chevron Houston Marathon in January.

Now for the summary.


Rest day. As a triathlete this translated to swim day. I’m a strong swimmer and want to make sure I’m maintaining some of my speed and technique through the winter. I also find that swimming is a good way to stretch out after a long run.

Intervals: The Garmin plan really gets you with these. The weather has gotten cold so my heart rate is staying low even at fast paces. You could say this is a good thing, but my body is still feeling the speed even if my HR isn’t skyrocketing. 10 min warm up and warm down with 5 x 1km sprints in Zone 4 with a very short 75 second rest between. I was only able to hit Zone 4 for 3.5 mins and Zone 3 for about 9 mins.



The much-needed recovery run. 30 mins in Zone 2.


Threshold run and stop in at the Luke’s Locker Bagel Run.

The local running community is sad to see that Luke’s has closed it’s doors leaving one of the areas fastest growing communities with no running specialty store in the area. This is likely driven by online shopping and some of the large big box stores that have opened in the area such as Dick’s Sporting good and being the home base for Academy. The problem with these stores is that the people working in the running departments usually aren’t runners and don’t know the first thing about proper running gate and determining what shoe is best. We will miss Luke’s and are glad to see that they will be supporting our weekly Thursday running habit through the end of the year.


Training Plan change. I moved Sundays long run of 13.1 mile time trial to Friday.

That way I would have it done while supporting my wife at the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Marathon.

Like the long run on the Sunday before I set a goal pace to hold that I am able to run but not able to keep. Well, I ended the run with a new half marathon PR. 1:37:10. That’s 4:43 faster than my previous PR. It’s time to re-think my race strategy for the upcoming races


Rest Day: I was an exiting morning with lots of rain and a wet forecast. We were witness to a car going off the road and turning over in the mud in a construction zone. We stopped and helped the driver get in a safe position as the knee-deep water flooded into the upturned car. As soon as the police were on site and the driver was safe in their hands we headed the rest of the way to the Run Houston Sugar Land 10 K.

I wasn’t racing this one, I was supporting my wife and son. Aimee and Zach both placed 2nd and 1st respectively in their age groups. Zach set a new PR at 50:42.9. He’s really fast for an 8 year old.


Rock n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon. Aimee raced this one and I ran around in the rain with the kids playing in the puddles and drinking hot chocolate between cheering at mile 3, 12 and the finish. In the rain, wind and cold temperature Aimee pushed through the race strong setting a new PR for her marathon at 4:10:15.

This beat my time for the same race 2 years earlier in better conditions by over 2 mins. She’s getting fast and has done a great job sticking to her training plan this season as well.

I hope you enjoy reading the weekly reviews and if you have any questions feel free to post them to the comments or message me directly from the contact at the top of the blog.