This is the last of a 3 part post for Triathlon Tips for Beginners. If you are interested in the tips from the swim and bike follow the links below.

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There are many athletes who start triathlon with a running background. If your one of those you’ve got a head start. If you like me and didn’t come with an extensive Runner’s history you need to keep a few things in perspective when you get to the final leg of the race.

This Runner’s World article is a good read and is relevant to this discussion.

 8 steps to help someone start running

Run Tip 1- Start slow

What do I mean by start slow. Well, I mean don’t show up to your first training session and try to outrun everyone else. Run at a pace that works for you. Everyone is different and you don’t want to injure yourself before you even get started. Slow and steady. You may need to run slower than those your training with or you may need to shorten the distance. That is perfectly fine. When I started running I started with a goal to run 1/2 mile and stuck to it until I was comfortable running that without stopping. Then I increased it by the distance of the next street. Now I’m an endurance runner.

Remember even a sprint triathlon is an endurance race and you need to train your body to run steady after already racing 40 min to 1 hr.

Run Tip 2- You can do anything

You can do anything for 10 mins. If your not feeling good. Your tired. Sore from the last workout. Remember start slow and give it 10 mins, then reassess.

If your still down run back you where you started. If your feeling ok. Keep going. In most cases you will find that once you start the sore muscles feel better, your energy comes back and you can do it. Running is great therapy for the mind and body.

Run Tip 3- It’s your race so make your goal

You most likely didn’t start this journey to beat someone but more often to improve ones self. When things get tough during training or a race, remember your running for you. Not the guy next to you! Run your own race. Everyone’s training and ability is different and as soon as you start racing that person next to you or who just passed you. That’s the point you are no longer aiming for your goals but someone else’s.

You can do this. I hope you keep at it and I see you out training and racing in the near future.

This is the end of Part 3 of Triathlon Beginner Tips. Comments are always welcome and I’ll do my best to answer and training or racing questions you may have.