I don’t normally write a race report for short races. However I’ve decided otherwise for this race because I really enjoy this event and my wife and I both set new 10K PR’s.

Race Prep:

This was very simple. I decided to race with as little as possible. The only exception being my phone in a flip belt. I also had one pack of GU chews. No visor, no sunglasses, no calf sleeves.

Race Day:

turkeydashmapWe arrived early to get good parking and run the kids 1 mile fun race with the kids. This made for a good warm up at just over a 10 min/mile pace. The weather was cool in the mid 50’s F. Just enouph that a warm up really helped.

At the completion of the kids fun run I ate my GU chews as planned.

I chose the GU chews mostly because I purchased a couple of packs to try out for comparison to my favorite chews which are the Honey Stinger Chews. Honey Stinger still wins me over. There softer and easier to chew and taste good.

Yes, I’m that guy who tries new things on race day. The ultimate product test. I also practice whats called fasted training and only fuel for races and very long training sessions.

For the race itself, I had set a goal of running a 7:20/mile pace and holding it steady. I didn’t think this would be to difficult in the beginning and was more worried about the second half of the race. The last 10K I raced was this same event 2 years earlier and I remembered really having a hard time on the second half while working on a negative split. My last race time was a 46:47 with a 7:27/mile split.

I line with my typical race plan I started out with a plan and good intentions and then migrated the plan based on feel. I ran the first 3 miles about 15 seconds faster per mile than planned and somehow zoned out and completely missed the 3 mile marker. When I cam up on the 4 mile marker I was feeling good and decided to pick up the pace a little and used the runners around me as pacers. This let me concentrate on running and only occasionally checking my pace on Garmin to make sure I wasn’t slowing. After the 3rd turn I could see the finish line and pickup the pace again. I ended up slowing a little because I felt I wouldn’t be able to maintain the pace I was at for the length of the road and would hit the wall a few hundred feet from crossing the line. As I approached the crowed, I decided to push hard for the finish and changed my gate and stride length to more of a sprint run and gave everything I had left.

My new PR was 43:07 with a 6:57/mile pace. Much better than I planned. I took off over 3.5 mins from my previous time 2 years earlier.

Aimee’s new PR time was 50:47

I believe the difference this year has been consistency in my training as well as added track work making my runs more effective. In the past I’ve been more concerned with running the distance irrespective of the level of effort during the run.