UPDATE: since this was published I have written a detailed review of the Spydergrip located at the following link. SpyderGrip Universal Fit Pack Detailed Review

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t yet received this product for use and review but wanted to share why it interested me in my ongoing quest to find gear that is well-made, durable and meets my needs.

After contacting Spydergrip I have been given the opportunity to support and introduce this product to the running community. I’ve been selected as a product ambassador and am looking forward to an exiting year working with them.

This product peaked my interest for several reasons.img_4624

The Spydergrip will be able to carry my phone, the one thing I always have on me unless it is against the rules at a race.

This pack is worn like a backpack. Many people experience chafing when using belts or waist packs, especially in the heat. Since this pack is worn higher on the back instead of on the hips, there will hopefully be less potential for annoying bounce. In my experience using backpack-style hydration packs, they’ve been quite comfortable.

The pocket is sized for an iPhone 6S Plus. That’s bigger than my phone, which should make it easy to get in and out. If you follow me on Instagram @mytriaddiction that means easy access for my photos. The pocket has a dedicated spot for ID, credit card, cash, etc. There should also be enough room for gels or waffles (Honey Stinger is my go-to) without crushing them.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Spydergrip’s features and specs.


  • Spydergrip is made from a lightweight neoprene material
  • The pack backing is breathable and sweat resistant
  • Machine Washable (let air dry)
  • Straps are adjustable fit, so it can fit ages 8+
  • Straps do not chafe, made from an anti chafe material
  • Inner pocket of Spydergrip has a velcro fastener to close the inner pocket


  1. Width of the largest pocket: 4 1/3 inches
  2. Heigth of largest pocket: 6 1/3 inches
  3. Width of inner pocket: 3 inches
  4. Heighth of inner pocket: 4 inches
  5. Straps are made from an imported proprietary Japanese Velcro
  6. Straps are made from an anti-chafe material

The first orders are scheduled to ship at the beginning of December. Those of you who know me well know that I use my gear often and hard, and will give an honest feedback of pros, cons, alternative uses and possible improvements.

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If you’re interested in checking this product out for yourself, visit http://www.spydergrip.com. Use the code amb10013 for a $5 discount. This equals a total discount of $10 from the regular list price if you take advantage of their special pre-order pricing before their official product launch on December 11.