Last week was the last hard training week before starting my taper for Oilman 70.3

I’ve managed to keep the pressure on while making sure I stay injury free.

This week I’ll follow a similar schedule but with much less intensity. I find it helps me to keep moving and stay loose through the taper week. This means that there will be no track work on Tuesday just an easy run as a good example.

Total mileage for the week all sports included: 60 miles

Monday: Swim / Run

Swim: Repeat time trial day. 2,300 yards total with an average pace of 1:26min/100yds

The 1.2 mile(2,125 yd) time trial was completed in 30:05 witha 1:25 split

Run: 4 miles at an 8:41 pace. Using the 4-1 run/walk timer in revers running hard for 1 and easy run for 4.

Tuesday: Bike / Run

Bike: 17.5 miles average speed 19.9. 5 min sets in the hardest gear 3 min rest in high gear. Maintaining the same speed throughout

Run: Track with 400 repeats

Wednesday: HIIT / Run

1 hour of HIIT training followed by a 4 mile run

Thursday: Bike / Run

Bike: 16 miles steady speed for race prep

Run: 3 miles easy per plan for recovery

Friday: Swim

1,500 of drills and technique work

Saturday: Long Run

10 miles at a 9 min pace. Last long run before Oilman

Sunday: Race Support

Supported my wife as she ran the Houston Half. The boys and I also cheered several other TCCR members and other runners we know from the area.

The race was an out and back after mile 2 making it so that we couldn’t pull off our normal routine of cheering from multiple locations taking shortcuts with the BOB stroller. We did cover the start, mile 2 and 13.