This last week marked 3 weeks until Oilman 70.3 making it another hard training week with this week remaining before the taper. 

Monday: Swim / Run Brick

swim2800 yard swim with 100 yrd intervals. I completed a 500 yard time trial at the end then ran a quick 3 miles to finish off the morning.

This marked 20 days until Oilman 70.3

Tuesday: Bike / Run Brick

The air felt thick and my legs heavy. I still managed to negative split by 3 min intervals. The brake issue from last week was also fixed. It turns out it was a mix of dirt and a loose spring tension screw. The run “Brick” was 800’s on the track. I managed to stay strong between the two workouts.

Wednesday: Strength and Run

HIIT workout and parking garage running.

I ran 20 reps up the steepest parking garage we have int he area. This is the closes thing to hill training around here.

Thursday: Bike / Run Brick

The normal 18 mile morning bike loop with a plan for steady pace. I picked it up after about 5 miles for a 20.5 mph average followed by the Thursday Bagel run with Luke’ s Locker for 5 miles at a 7:56 split.

It was a good morning

Friday: Swim / Run

I had the pool to myself for a half IM time trial. in a yard pool that ends up being 2125 yds. I held a steady 1:26/100 yd pace with a little trouble from the Garmin HRM swim which managed to get loose about halfway.

I finished the morning off with an easy 3 miles keeping the recovery miles slow.

Saturday: Long Ride

I finally managed to get in a long ride to help mentally prepare for my upcoming 70.3. I’m ready but like to have that training reassurance ride. It wasn’t as smooth as I wanted but I did learn from it.

I put the large aero bottle back on in preparation for the long ride and upcoming Oilman 70.3.

My ride was “ok” only because I still managed an average pace over 19.3mph for 56 miles. You know how they say when running dress like it’s 15 degrees warmer and when biking dress like it’s 15 degrees cooler. 

Well.., I forgot. 

I opened my weather app while half awake and saw the low was 53 F and the current temp was 52 F. So I dressed for 55 thinking to myself being a “little cool” will help simulate getting on wet after the swim. So I got on my calf sleeves, arm warmers and well ventilated Ironman bike shirt. 

I completely ignored the things I really should have had such as the headband for my ears, gloves, glasses and wind stopper bike jacket.

After having a good fast start I began to get really sluggish and cold so I checked the temp on my bike computer. 43 F. Are you kidding me!!! That means I’m dressed for 25 degrees warmer. No wonder I’m suffering. I kept at it and finished with a long hot shower and now need to account for the humid Texas weather to possibly be really cold on race day.

Sunday: Rest day

This was a nice rest day with lots of cheering and excitement while my wife raced her first Duathon where she took home 1st in her division and my oldest raced in the kids tri in the early afternoon where he placed 3rd in his age group.

Only 1 more week of hard training. Food Myers are crossed that the weather and my allergies cooperate.