I came across this in my feed this morning and thought it was worth sharing.

Fit Recovery

It must be stated before I start laying waste to myths about exercise – I’m not a doctor.  I don’t recommend someone trying to run a marathon right off of the couch, though I’m sure that’s been done before by someone a whole lot crazier (or more dedicated) than me.

Let’s, for fun, explore a few myths associated with exercise.  Nothing gets me fired up more than someone trying to convince me that I’m “lucky” that I’m trim and that they lack the ability to so much as go for a bike ride for one reason or another.  As I’ve said before, I did decide to get fat a while back – I just changed my mind twelve hours later and bought some running shoes.  In fact, there’s a guy in our running club who, at 250 pounds, is literally half the man he used to be…  How does…

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