This past week has been a little different and it involved some creativity around travel.

Monday: Was a swim workout that involved a 20 min time trial just before the main set. The purpose of this is to capture my current baseline for how far I am able to swim in 20 mins. I was able to do 1400 yards in 19 min 45 seconds followed by a 3 mile run

img_3833Tuesday: I experienced a little bike trouble on my morning ride that was a bit of a bummer. My front wheel kept contacting the brake caliper and I wasn’t able to get it to stop. I’m hoping it’s just dirt build up in the front brake and a good cleaning will take care of it. I followed up the bike with a run on the track were we did a short warm-up and then did a mile time trial. I surprised myself with a new 1 mile PR of 5:57.42. I never thought I would be braking a 6 min mile. This really turned around my outlook on the day.


Wednesday: Travel Day. I headed offshore to survey one of my companies drill ships. This involved some early morning bus ride followed by a 3 hour boat ride all while trying not to get sea sick. As a marine engineer that’s not to difficult for me but others have a hard time with it. That evening I was able to squeeze in the TCCR HIIT workout that I had sent to me and then did a 2 mile treadmill run to finish off the day before calling home.

Thursday: I was up early as usual and did the P90X ab workout to change things up. I was also feeling a little stiff from all the travel. I ended up skipping the evening workout as I tried to listen to my body.

I also learned that if you run around a ship all day with an activity tracker on it does not pick up the 30 flights of stairs you do inside a pressurized accommodations module. This is because my Garmin Fenix 3 uses barometric pressure to determine the elevation change.

Friday: Travel home day. I didn’t really do anything other than haul my bag around all day.

Saturday: Saturday I got up early and hit the road for a long run. The plan was to run 10 miles before meeting up with TCCR for a few more miles with them. That second part didn’t all go as planned but I did meet up with a couple of the guys and we ran the Bayou for a few miles before I branched off and headed home.

Sunday: Cheer Squad day. The boys and I cheered Aimee on at the Nutrabolt Half Marathon. We saw a few unexpected friends from Katy in the race as well.