For those willing to give this a try. This is an ab workout I mix in for cross training that I developed back in the day with my Rowing teams as an athlete and later as a Coach.

After you complete it, give it a good solid day before feeling the effect so don’t go starting this race week. I also suggest making all the reps 30 for the Obliques and full sit-ups the first few times you do the workout. Take your time with this one and make sure you have solid technique because it’s designed around the progressive activation of the muscles.

Marc’s Core Workout
•30 leg lifts – Pause for 10 seconds at start, finish and after every 10

•60 Right Obliques – Shoulders flat on floor hips rotate

•60 Left Obliques – Same as above

•60 Full Sit-ups – make sure you are rolling up using the different ab muscles (top to bottom). Not pulling your body up with your legs.

•25-45 – Push-ups keeping the back straight. (or plank for 2 min)

•25 crunches – Feet up hands by your head. Hold for 1 second each. Last
one hold for 5 to 10 sec. Do crunches by tensing all ab muscles. Not by moving the legs or neck.


Don’t forget without the proper diet you can do ab work all day long and not have a 6-pack. This is where I go wrong.