Last week was the prep. week for the Katy Triathlon (sprint).

I’m in process of writing a short race report should have that up later this week. I have also written a review of the race if your interested in adding the race to your 2017 calendar.

Monday: 2800 yd pyramid swim with a short run after.

Tuesday: Bike Interval day followed by Garmin marathon training plan intervals

Bike: 5 min on, 5 off x3

Run: 5 min in Z4, 1 min off I completed 3 of the 5 that were scheduled due to time. Running in Zone 4 was pretty killer I usually reserve that for sprinting.

Zone 4 intervals


Wednesday: Morning HITT workout followed by an easy 3 mile run. Start of my mini taper in preparation for the Katy Triathlon on Sunday.

Thursday: I slept in and enjoyed a nice 5 mile run with my regular Thursday morning Bagel Run at Luke’s Locker Katy. There’s a little blog on it at the following link. The Bagel Run (yum…)

Friday: Swim workout in the morning followed by Day out with Thomas in Austin TX with the two little ones. I also spent some time at the pool with my old camera trying to see if I can learn how to take a decent photo. not much luck. I apparently have a lot to learn. recommendations are appreciated.

I followed up the weeks training by spending the afternoon with my two youngest and took them to Day out with Thomas.

This also concluded the month of September’s training. If you follow me on Instagram @mytriaddiction you’ve already seen this one.

Is it obvious that I learned how to embed Instagram. I’ll use it less after this week.

Anyways, I have a 70.3 on November 6th to prepare for along with the Houston Marathon. I’m determined to get a Sub 4hr PR at the Marathon so I really need to kick up my run training. This will also help for the 70.3 since running is where I always need more improvement.

Saturday: Packet pickup for the Katy Triathlon. I slept in to offset the 6 hours of driving to see Thomas with the boys on Friday.

The Katy Triathlon is a 500m lake swim with a new bike course at 14.8 miles and a 3 mile run.

Sunday Funday: I was up early and rode my bike to the Katy Triathlon. It was a perfect race day. Cool temps in the morning and never got hot during the race. I placed 2nd in the 30-34 age group and 9th overall. The guy who won 1st was within 30 seconds of me until the run when he took off at a 6:05 average pace compared to my 7:02. I think that means I need more track work.

After a brief rest period at the house I spent the late afternoon at Bicycle World in Katy. As the new Tri Crew Cinco Ranch (TCCR) team sponsor we had a meet and and great with the staff and triathlon pro Steve Kilshaw.