For the last 2 years I’ve attended what’s called the Thursday Bagel run here in Katy, TX. This particular run is held at Luke’s Locker and starts at 5am. Image result for lukes bagel runThe run is an out and back that is about 5 miles but can easily be cut short or added to. whatever fits your needs.  After there is usually bagels from Panara bread and Starbucks Coffee.

A run group like this is great for the beginner because it’s a mix of experienced and new runners all coming together. We have our own local legends often in attendance such as Cal Neff who set the Stroller Half Marathon World Record at 1:11:27.4. Way faster than I will ever be. We also have several of our marathon, distance and social running groups such as Katy Fit, Gota Run, and the Katy Area Running Club, as well as my group Tri Crew Cinco Ranch (TCCR).

Every one is welcome to join and the staff at Luke’s Locker will always help set up any newbies with the run route. They also setup vendor demos where you can try out a new model of running shoe, lights, etc… with a discount on purchases if you like it.

I first attended when I was working on becoming a better runner and had recently moved back to Katy from Southeast Asia where I did most of my social running with the Hash House Harriers (world wide social trail running – Google it or a group near you, highly recommended) After moving back to Texas I was looking to join a local run group and decided I would just show up one day and see how it goes. I’m a naturally quiet person until I start to relate to those around me and the people were very welcoming and knowledgeable of all the various running options in the area. It quickly become something I looked forward to each week because it kept running interesting and I learned a lot.

This is how I actually found TCCR shortly after I did my first few triathlon races.

Do you have any social running groups in your area that you participate with? If so who are they and where do they meet?