I’m sharing this because I know a few runners who experience a similar pain. I hope this helps.

The Bike Escape

I still can’t believe how simple the solution is. It’s a stretch!

Two months ago I experienced a slight  pain on the right side of my knee. Felt like an inflammation of a tendon. I thought: “Maaaaan … you have to work this out before it get’s worse.” So I wanted to narrow down the cause of this pain. I solely cycled on a few days and then solely ran for a few days.

No matter what, the pain got worse. I had to stop every feet based sport. The good news were then: the pain disappeared after a week. The bad news: it reappared immediately after every sports session.

Damn. This was a bigger problem. Time for some research. I opted for the IT-Band and the Popliteus Muscle, since they connect directly to the pain area. But foam-rolling them out, was neither a solution.

Last week then, I almost…

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