Last week was my last official tri training week of the season. I kicked off Marathon training this week. That being said I have a race Oct. 2nd and Oilman 70.3 on November 6. My challenge for the next month and a half is to increase my mileage and still stay up on my swim and bike conditioning for the 70.3.

Monday: Well the alarm clock won again. It attached with a new strategy by presenting the alarm time with the wrong hour and the correct minutes. In summary I set everything 2 hours late which left no time for training. My work schedule didn’t give me any time to hit the gym during the day and then by the time I got home it was time for family.

Tuesday: Made it out of bed on time and wheels down at 4am for interval training with the crew. I know it’s crazy early but once you make it a habit it’s just like getting up at a later time. We rode 6 intervals, 3 min on 3 off all in the big gear up from and small in the back. Hill simulations. YAY.

TCCR wheels down at 4am

Wednesday: HITT Training followed by a 3 mile run.

Thursday: My subconscious told me to set no alarms. Sad day for training. I missed the morning flying 40 intervals on the bike, bagel run and cupcakes for a training buddies birthday.

Friday: Swim and run day. Finally did Mondays workout with a nice humid run after.

Saturday: long run day. Or it was supposed to be. Aimee did her run early in the morning while I got breakfast ready for the boys. I went for what was planned to be a 10+ mile run that ended at Mike 7.5. I posted about it here. First Fall Long Run

Sunday: The family was up early to cheer for Aimee and Zach at the Run Houston 10k and 5k. Followed by open water swim in the wetsuit with TCCR.