A quick summary of this weeks training and some other random things I’ve done this week. I’ve included a few days from last week since it was such a busy weekend.

Last Saturday the kids and I spectators my wife’s second triathlon at the Spa Girl Tri at lost pines. She finished 5th in her age group. We then spent the remainder of the day playing at the pool/lazy river.

Sunday: More pool side relaxation and a few hours drive home. I then ran to the store (serious see the blog post) to pick up a movie and some essentials for Monday.

Monday: Was a hard start due to just being tired. http://wp.me/p7FPHg-4u

Tuesday: Brick workout, more specifically Bike followed by track

Wednesday: Workout consisted of team HIIT training followed by a run

Thursday: Bike intervals followed by Thursday morning bagel run with the local running store. (really feeling the hurt from Tuesdays track work)

Friday: Swim day, This time the full workout

Saturday: a long run day 10 miles with my hydration belt plus a hand bottle followed by an additional 4 miles after swapping bottles.

nice and steady


nice and steady


I’m considering a hydration vest that holds bottles. I have two Camel backs that I run with when there will be not water change out available but they more around a bit and are a pain to clean. I’m looking for recommendations.

I finished off Saturday with indoor rock climbing for date night

Sunday: Sleep in and then open water swimming at a new lake that’s been made available in the area. Total was 2400 yds. That’s a little more than a half Ironman distance.

My next race is a sprint tri the fist week in October. There is also a potential to do a relay for the Oilman 70.3 or race the entire group thing and a individual entree. I should be making a decision on that soon.