Yesterday mornings workout was supposed to be a 3600 year swim. Unfortunately, I entered an intense early morning battle with my alarm clock.

I finally won but not until I lost an hour.

I didn’t even realize it until I was on my way to the pool wondering why there were so many cars on the road.

If you know my sleep habits with early morning training, a full-time job and family it’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often.

a snap shot of this last weeks s sleep trend. had a race Monday and slept in on both Sundays.

So after taking a moment to figure out what I was gong to do I ended up swimming a strong 1200 yds and making up the difference in the afternoon with some lumberjack work (not kidding) I have (had) a tree that was lifting the driveway and it had to go before the company we found for grinding the stump shows up.

The lumberjack work was a 4 hour workout that involves countless squats and dead lifts, medium and heavy lifting along with several other movements.

Just another Monday