This seems like a simple question and with this blog being directed at age group level endurance training I find it a little complicated to define.

My name is Marc and I think of myself as a Triathlete. This is how I train and often desire to compete. I have a full time job a loving and understanding family and a training schedule that starts so early in the morning one would possibly question my sanity. Met intent is not to have another blog on lost 40 lbs and my path to doing it. I’ve already done that and these are the things I have learned along the way and in many cases still learning.

I love competing, being social with other competitors and staying in shape. It also shows dedication and drive to my boys who are little track and soccer players themselves.

I’ve always been an athlete of some form from Swim team as a kid, competitive rowing in high school/college and coaching an all Women’s rowing team for 3 years in San Diego (ZLAC)

I started running which I spent most of my younger years trying to avoid back in 2010 when I realized I was getting a bit heavy and my second son was due in a few months. I ran on and off for a few years then after an injury caused me to get my road bike back out I raced my first triathlon in 2014 and was hooked.

Now, the trouble with triathlons is that they are somewhat seasonal (at least its two seasons in Texas) late summer/fall and Spring/early summer. There are two time periods where one would find it difficult to locate a race within easy traveling distance. (no more than 2 hours drive) This is because its either freezing or so hot the rubber on your tires might melt.

During the winter off seasons I find that I fill the schedule with other activities such as Marathon’s and other distance races. This new year I am strongly considering a 50k/mile. I’m still deciding how dead to jump in for my first Ultra.

This is evident by the races that I have entered over the last year.

By October I will have completed (this calendar year)

1- Half Ironman

1- Full Ironman

2- Olympic Triathlon

1- Sprint Triathlon

Then there is the running only events

2- Marathons

2- Half Marathons

and several 5 and 10K races

This subsequently leads to a varied form of training during the winter and summer. I basically train year round concentrating more on running over the winter but still swim and bike as weather permits and full on triathlon training through the summer.

My intent is to use this blog to help answer topics for beginner endurance athletes as well as share my experience and learn from seasoned athletes who share this same love of the sport. This could be answering questions on training, equipment or products that I use.

My first open question is how do you train throughout the year. Do you train for a specific sport only parts of the year or only before a specific race etc… Do you do anything unique such as minimalist running (I did)

I am also looking for topics or questions people may have about Triathlons or Marathons.

Next topic for consideration is the FR920 and Fenix 3 turn by turn capability that Garmin for some reason doesn’t support. Yes I know how to do it and will share. It also works for Edge units like the 520. No I did not figure in out on my own but I was lucky enough to to be on on the correct forum and learn what is required and can save you reading endless forum posts.